Ministry Studies



HC 020: Christian Education in the Black Church

This course will explore the role of educational ministry within the Black Church context. An Afro-centric approach will be utilized placing emphasis upon the synthesis of African heritage, biblical faith, and educational approaches that are relevant to the needs and conditions of African-American people. This course will examine the tasks and purposes of Christian Education, the role of teacher training within the Black Church, the unique challenges that confront Christian educators in the Black Church, as well as Afro-centric models of Christian Education.


HC 021: Christian Worship in the Black Experience

This course will explore how the African American worship experience can be structured to teach faith and to inspire the worshiper to action. It will also focus on the role of music in the Black Church and will assist students in implementing music in their context of ministry from a biblical and socio-cultural perspective. Various topics will be examined, including:   the historical background of worship in the Black Church; various styles of worship; the Christian year and liturgical symbols; the relationship between worship and Black theology; and the structure and dynamics of the worship service.



HC 022: Church Administration

This course details the study of church administration with emphasis on the Black perspective and will equip leaders in the understanding and employment of group management dynamics. Theories and practice of church organizational development, program administration, volunteers, membership and financial management from systems and religious perspectives will be considered. Philosophical and theological viewpoints of administration and future implications for ministry will be explored.



HC 023: Dynamics of the Black Church and Family

An introduction to the fundamental relationships and dynamics between the African American Christian church and the African American family. In view of the African American church as the central focal point of virtually all religious, social, economic, political, educational and familial pursuits, this course will explore these relationships from both historical and contemporary contexts. Implications for pastoral care and worship will be discussed.


HC 024: Foundations for Ministry

An introduction to ministry and spiritual formation for the practice of ministry. Students will:

  •            Analyze biblical, theological and historical concepts relevant                                          to “the call” to ministry.
  •            Develop an understanding of the nature and function of ministry itself.
  •            Explore the necessity and practice of spiritual formation for ministry.
  •            Discern, articulate and communicate their particular ministry “calling”.

 A biographical statement of the student’s faith journey and call to ministry (6-12 maximum pages, typed and double-spaced) is required. A copy will be retained in the student’s file.


HC 025: Ministry with Inner-City Youth

This course is aimed at developing effective ministries which identify and respond to the unique needs of youth, primarily African Americans, residing in urban areas. Attention will be given to assessing the culture of today’s youth, factors which distract them from purposeful living, and the formation of ministry strategies which go beyond basic church activities.


HC 026: Pastoral Care

The church and church-wide community are experiencing many needs that require pastoral care in all facets of living. This course will introduce students to pastoral care, the various classical models of pastoral care that have been employed in the church for many centuries, and the application of these models to situations unique to the life and ministries of black churches. This course will also examine the process of transforming the whole congregation into a “caring community” and will consider the use of various community resources in pastoral care ministry.


HC 027: Social Ethics of the Black Church

This course will examine the multiple challenges confronting the African-American community while exploring models of ministry evolving from the historical/social         survival and resistance of the Black Church.


HC 028: Studies in Ministry

This topical course is designed to explore specific concepts, strategies, and techniques of ministry. The entire concept of ministry will be surveyed from its biblical base to its present day expression. Course topics will vary.


HC 029: Women in Ministry

This is a course for and about women in ministry. It will examine the lives of Biblical women as the point of departure for the lives of all women; God’s inclusive plan for women in ministry; and present day challenges, struggles, issues, and strategies for women in ministry. This course is open to active clergy as well as those who are aspiring to a vocation in professional ministry.