Historical Studies



HC 015: Highlights of Church History

A survey of the formation and development of Christianity from its beginning to modern times. Attention will be given to the biographies of major figures in the rise of the Church as well as major movements of the early, medieval, Protestant Reformation, and modern eras. The course will examine the expansion of the church, the development of Christian thought, the growth of Christian institutions and the conflicts which confronted the church from without and within.


HC 016: History of the Black Church

An introduction to the study of the religious movements and institutions of African-Americans from the period of slavery to the present. Lectures, readings, presentations and discussions will focus on various topics, including: African religions in America; religion of the slaves; the rise of independent black Protestant churches; gender relationships within African-American religion; nationalism vs. integration; race relations in American church life; religion and politics in black American churches; the rise of Black Protestant denominations in the context of emancipation, migration and urbanization; the development of Islam, Judaism, Pentecostalism and other religious movements among African-Americans; religious aspects of the Civil Rights Movement; and the modern role of religion in African-American life.