Biblical Studies



HC 001: African American Biblical Interpretation

This course will address the de-Africanization of the Bible by uncovering how certain approaches to biblical interpretation are a part of the “politics of omission.” Further, it will re-Africanize the Bible by making evident how an African presence pervades the biblical text throughout every biblical period. Biblical texts will be examined and re-interpreted from an African American perspective to speak to issues that are relevant to the plight of Black people today.


HC 002: Old Testament Interpretation

An introduction to the literature, characters, doctrines and authority of the Old Testament within the Christian community. Through the use of assigned readings in the Bible and in secondary sources, students are expected to develop a working knowledge of the structure, content and meanings of the Old Testament in light of their historical and cultural contexts.


HC 003: New Testament Interpretation

An introduction to the culture, structure, canonical process, and methods of interpreting New Testament literature.


HC 004: Survey of the Bible

An introduction to the Bible–God’s inspired Word–and its content. Reading of the Bible in its particular context will be supplemented with information and readings on biblical times, geography, and history.


HC 005: Books of the Bible

Exegetical and hermeneutical study of a particular book of the Bible. Course offerings will vary.