Diploma of Ministry


    The Diploma of Ministry is designed to prepare students for entry into undergraduate ministry studies. Students who have attained baccalaureate degrees in fields unrelated to religion and theology will find the course offerings challenging and meaningful in their ministry preparation.

    The Diploma of Ministry offers concentrations in

    • Bible
    • Black Church/Ministry Studies
    • Practice of Ministry
    • Preaching

    Students are required to declare an area of concentration early in their enrollment and may declare a maximum of two (2) concentrations subject to the following guidelines:

    • A second area of concentration is voluntary
    • A minimum of four courses must be completed in each area of concentration
    • A course used to fulfill a Core Requirement cannot be used simultaneously to fulfill a concentration requirement. For example, a student taking “Believing in God” as a Core Requirement may not use the course to fulfill a requirement in the Practice of Ministry concentration.    
    • When a course is listed in more than one area of concentration, the course can only be applied to one area of concentration. For example, a student pursuing a dual concentration in Black Church/Ministry Studies and the Practice of Ministry may take “Christian Education in the Black Church”; however, the course may only be applied to one of the concentrations.


    Core Requirements


                      HC 004    Survey of the Bible

                      HC 010    Writing and Biblical Research

                      HC 015    Highlights of Church History

                      HC 024    Foundations for Ministry

                      HC 040    Denominational Polity and History

    (Required for Baptist and Methodist students. Those from other                                                 denominations may take another course as an elective.)

                      HC 055    Theology for Life or HC 051 Believing in God


     Select Four Courses from Concentration



                      HC 001     African-American Biblical Interpretation

                      HC 002     Old Testament Interpretation

                      HC 003     New Testament Interpretation

                      HC 005     Various Books of the Bible


    *In a year in which a “Book of the Bible” is not offered, students in the Bible concentration may substitute Christian Education in the Black Church to fulfill their requirements.


    Black Church/Ministry Studies

                      HC 016     History of the Black Church

                      HC 020     Christian Education in the Black Church

                      HC 021     Christian Worship in the Black Experience

                      HC 027     Social Ethics of the Black Church

                      HC 052     Black Theology

                      HC 053     Life and Works of Howard Thurman

                      HC 054     Life and Works of Martin Luther King, Jr.

                      HC 056     Womanist Theologies


    Practice of Ministry

                      HC 020     Christian Education in the Black Church

                      HC 022     Church Administration

                      HC 023     Dynamics of the Black Church and Family

                      HC 025     Ministry with Inner-City Youth

                      HC 026     Pastoral Care

                      HC 029     Women in Ministry

                      HC 051     Believing in God



                      HC 041     Homiletics

                      HC 042     Major Modern Preachers

                      HC 043     Preaching Eulogies

                      HC 044     Preaching in the Black Tradition

                      HC 045A   “Thinking” Preaching

                      HC 045B   Transformational Preaching