About Heritage Center


The Heritage Journey

Since 1989, Heritage Center for Religious Studies has provided advanced biblical studies for adults interested in preparing themselves for ministry beyond the local Bible school level. In 1994, we engaged in a collaborative effort with Ashland Theological Seminary (Ashland, Ohio) to provide continuing education to ministers and laity through the Diploma of Theology in Black Church Studies program. Detailed information and requirements regarding this program are contained in a “Catalog Supplement” which is available from the Heritage Center Administrative Office.


New Directions

As we continue our partnership with Ashland Theological Seminary, we are pleased to introduce two new programs in ministry training. Offering four concentrations (Bible, Black Church/Ministry Studies, the Practice of Ministry, and Preaching), the Diploma of Ministry is an independent program designed to prepare students for entry into undergraduate ministry studies. The Certificate in Continuing Education is flexible in its requirements and appeals to those seeking a more generalized program of learning.

Heritage Center for Religious Studies currently offers more than 28 courses in the field of ministry with plans to expand the curriculum and program concentrations. Acceptance of Heritage Center classes for transfer credit to Christian colleges is at the sole discretion of the receiving schools. We are diligently working to establish consortium relationships with local schools to accept our credits for transfer and will keep the Heritage Center community updated on our progress.

In 2002, Heritage Center for Religious Studies completed the initial phase of licensing and is now recognized by the State of Michigan for the Diploma of Ministry and Certificate in Continuing Education programs. Upon compliance with all State licensing requirements, it is our intent to seek full accreditation for these programs.


Academic Setting

Heritage Center for Religious Studies is located on the west side of Detroit within Third New Hope Baptist Church. The facility is handicapped accessible and provides classroom space, library resources and audio-visual equipment for Heritage Center use.